v6.4.3 (latest)


In this section, you will find recipes to upgrade from the Omnisci to the HEAVY.AI platform and upgrade between versions of the Heavy.ai platform.

Upgrade Paths supported

It's not always possible to upgrade from your actual product version to the last one, but one or more intermediate upgrade steps are needed.
The following table shows the steps needed to move from one software version to another.
Initial version
Final version
Upgrade Steps
Omnisci less than 5.5
Heavy.ai 6.0
Upgrade to 5.5 --> 6.0
Omnisci less then 5.5
Heavy.ai 6.0+
Upgrade to 5.5 --> 6.0 --> 6.0+
Omnisci 5.5 or later
Heavy.ai 6.0
Upgrade to 6.0
Omnisci 5.5 or later
Heavy.ai 6.0+
Upgrade to 6.0 --> 6.0+
Heavy.ai 6.0
Heavy.ai 6.0+
Upgrade to 6.0+
As an example, if you are on an Omnisci version older than 5.5, you must upgrade to 5.5, then to 6.0 and after that to a more recent version, while if you are on 6.0 you can upgrade to the latest version in a single step.
Please follow all the upgrade steps in this table. Skipping a single step could compromise the system's stability or corrupt your data.