v7.2.3 (latest)

Introduction to Heavy Immerse

Heavy Immerse is a browser-based data visualization client that runs on top of the GPU-powered HeavyDB. It provides instantaneous representations of your data, from basic charts to rich and complex visualizations.
Immerse is installed with HEAVY.AI Enterprise Edition.
To create dashboards and data visualizations, click DASHBOARDS. You can search for dashboards, and list them by most recent or alphabetically.
Click DATA to import and manipulate data.
Click SQL EDITOR to perform Data Definition and Data Manipulation tasks on the command line.
When you navigate between the three utilities, you can:
  • Hold the command (ctrl) key as you click a link to open the utility in a new tab/window in the background.
  • Hold shift+command (ctrl) as you click a link to open the utility in a new tab/window in the foreground.
  • Hold no keys as you click a link to replace the contents of the current window.
HELP CENTER provides access to Immerse version information, tutorials, demos, and documentation. It also includes a link for sending email to HEAVY.AI.
Clicking the user icon at the far right opens a drop-down box where you can select a different database, change your UI theme, or log out of Immerse:
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