Creating a Dashboard

You can construct a Heavy Immerse dashboard following these steps:

Once you save the dashboard, you can share it with other HEAVY.AI users.

Starting a New Dashboard

Connect to Immerse by pointing a web browser to port 6273 on your HeavyDB server. When you launch Immerse, the landing page is a list of saved dashboards. You click New Dashboard in the upper right to configure a custom dashboard.

Adding a Chart

To add a chart, you click Add Chart, choose a chart type, set dimensions and measures, then click Apply. For more information on creating charts, see Heavy Immerse Chart Types.

To create a chart:

  1. Click Add Chart.

  2. Choose a Data Source. For example, UFO_Sightings.

  3. Choose a chart type. For example, Bar.

  4. Set the Dimension. For example, country.

  5. Set the Measure. For example, COUNT # Records.

  6. Click Apply.

Removing a Chart

To remove a chart:

  1. Hover the mouse over the chart.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the chart, click the More Options icon, and then click Remove Chart.

Titling and Saving a Dashboard

To title and save a dashboard:

  1. Click the title area.

  2. Type a title.

  3. Click Save.

Using Dashboard Tabs

Dashboard tabs enable you add multiple pages to a dashboard. Using tabs can reduce the number of charts on a dashboard page and make it easier to find the chart you want.

By default, dashboard tabs are disabled. To enable tabs, in your server.json file, set "ui/dashboard-tabs"to "true".

Dashboard tabs are located at the bottom left of the dashboard. The dashboard shown below has three tabs: Config UI (selected tab), Locked axis on scatter, and New Combo improvements:

Click a tab to open it, or use the right arrow icon to move to the next tab. Hovering on a tab reveals the three-dot menu, which you can use to duplicate, rename, or delete a tab.

Using a tabbed dashboard affects some dashboard actions you take. Refresh and Add Chart affect only the tab that you are currently viewing. Share, Duplicate, and Save affect all tabs on the dashboard.

Deleting a Dashboard

To delete a dashboard:

  1. Click Dashboards.

  2. Mouse over the dashboard you want to delete.

  3. Click X at the end of the dashboard row.