Wind Barb

A Wind barb chart uses wind barb shapes to indicate wind speed and direction.

Speed is indicated using "flags" on the end of the barb:

  • Each half of a flag depicts 5 knots (5.8 mph).

  • Each full flag depicts 10 knots (12 mph).

  • Each pennant (filled triangle) depicts 50 knots (58 mph).

Direction is indicated by orientation of the flags on the barb; the flags point in the direction of the source of the wind. For more information, see Information about wind barbs from the National Weather Service.




Required Dimensions


Maximum of 6; 4 are required.

Lon, Lat, Speed, and Direction are required.

For example, the following Wind barb chart has these measures, using data set noaa_gfs_v from NOAA:

  • Lon - AVG longitude

  • Lat - AVG latitude

  • Speed - AVG a80m_Wind_Speed

  • Direction - AVG a_80m_Wind_Direction

You can increase or decrease the number of barbs in the right panel. Here, barb number is increased to the maximum to provide a more contoured visual.

Using the optional Color measure, you can add more information to your Wind barb chart. For example, the following figure shows a Color value of a AVG a2m_Relative_Humidity to provide humidity information for the air, with yellow indicating areas of higher relative humidity. Adjust the Color Palette to change how the Color measure is represented.