Release 3.x

Archived release notes for release 3.x

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3.6.1 - April 13, 2018

MapD Core


  • Data detection to files imported from S3


  • Multiple fixes and performance improvements to S3 Import to support MapD Cloud

  • Improved handling of networked file systems, including EFS

  • Fix memory leak with certain style of select query

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Improved multi-GPU/multilayer rendering compositing

MapD Immerse


  • New user interface for loading data to MapD from Amazon S3


  • Fixed an issue with MultiPolygon geoJSON parsing bounds (Choropleth).

3.6.0 - March 13, 2018

MapD Core


  • Enable sharding for (left-deep) outer joins

  • Added bulkUpdate support for JDBC to support Pentaho

  • Significant performance improvement on string comparisons from using std::sort


  • Several fixes to auto-completion

  • Fix to avoid dictionary collisions in multiple databases

  • export_dashboard works with spaces in dashboard name

  • Multiple fixes to significantly improve accuracy and performance on APPROX COUNT DISTINCT, for large cardinalities

  • Fix issue for filter pushdown into expression range calculation when filter results in empty set

  • Fix broken view from changed underlying tables

  • ROLLBACK on connection failure with Dictionary server

  • Revised TColumn->Datum conversion to fix slow selects of array columns

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Supports spatial projections in Vega.

  • Supports running MapD Core in CPU-only mode (with CUDA disabled) with backend rendering enabled if a GPU is available. Requires OpenGL 4.6 or higher.

  • Add opacity, fillOpacity, and strokeOpacity properties to marks so that opacity can be controlled independently of the fillColor and strokeColor literals.

MapD Immerse


  • A new Bar/Line combo chart supports multiple measures. This is currently a BETA feature.

  • You can export chart data as a CSV file for all frontend-rendered charts.


  • Filtering on timechart with histogram hangs Immerse.

  • Chart dimension/measurements requirement and logo disappears when hovering.

  • Text partially cut off in color Legend Item field when hovering.

  • An Immerse error occurs when dashboard data takes longer to refresh than the auto-refresh time period set in the dashboard.

  • Scatter plots could render two charts on top of one another.

3.5.0 - February 21, 2018

MapD Core


  • S3 Import: COPY FROM now supports directly loading data files (including compressed formats supported in release 3.4) from S3 buckets.

  • KafkaImporter: MapD can now read delimited rows from Kafka topics using the efficient binary columnar load path.

  • StreamImporter: New utility with improved streaming reads for data load, using binary columnar load path.

  • Outer join performance improvements.

  • Autocomplete support in mapdql based on new get_completion_hints Thrift call


  • Multiple issues related to race conditions causing metadata corruption during simultaneous load and query of capped collections

  • Multiple JDBC-related issues, including missing checkpoints on bulk distributed loads and reporting correct JDBC versions

  • Edge case of filter qual pushdown causing negative cardinality estimation

  • Enabled use of hardware accelerated atomics for double-precision aggregates on Volta GPUs

  • Better exception handling of arrays in shapefile metadata

  • Fixed exception thrown on DROP...IF NOT EXISTS

  • Better error reporting if string dictionary paths not found at startup

  • startmapd now passes --config to mapd_web_server

  • mapdql: fix LineNoise memory leak

  • mapdql: Various error handling improvements

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Significant performance improvements in rendering datasets with large numbers of polygons


  • Better handling of bad data in shapefiles

MapD Immerse


  • SQL Editor now includes autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

  • Scatter Plot and Geo Pointmap charts now support aggregations.

  • Immerse now allows adding additional Mapbox basemap styles and third party map tiles

  • Community Edition EULA is updated.


  • Skinny histogram charts when using date or time extracts.

  • Immerse hangs when editing a chart, with the error message “Cannot read property timeBin of null”.

  • Y-Axis has repeating numbers.

  • Range chart disappears on clearing color dimension.

  • Unable to add second layer in multilayer chart on Firefox.

  • Unable to load chart after adding second multilayer in Geo Heatmap chart on Firefox.

  • SUM aggregation for measures in Geo Heatmap chart should not return COUNT.

  • Changing map style before selecting a source prevents selecting source and breaks the Dashboard button.

  • Extract binning does not work on timestamp.

  • Empty popups in Pointmap chart.

  • Dashboards with large number of filters generate bad sql and fail to reload

3.4.0 - January 16, 2018

MapD Core


  • COPY FROM command supports input files compressed with tar, zip, rar, gzip, bzip2, and tgz.

  • DATE_TRUNC and EXTRACT of YEAR, QUARTER and MONTH are 3-5x faster executing on GPU.

  • Loading of dictionary-encoded data is 15-30% faster.

  • “Top K” queries using LIMIT k OFFSET n with k+n < 1000 are optimized to run using k+n memory per GPU and in linear time; not yet enabled for distributed queries.

  • Allow simple predicates to be used in calculation of expression ranges. This allows for faster GROUP BY when binning by timestamp or numeric expressions if a narrow filter is applied on the same column.

  • Allow simple predicates with simple casts to be used for skipping fragments.

  • New initialize “-i” file option is added to SQLImporter.

  • Add get_completion_hints thrift call to enable friendlier SQL clients.

  • Add deallocate_df thrift call to deallocate an unused data frame.

  • Add thrift calls (and mapdql support) for get_tables, get_views, and get_physical_tables.

  • Speed up t and d in mapdql by requesting only the required metadata.

  • Add –help-advanced option to mapd_server.

  • Add thrift calls to set/get table epochs by name.


  • Address issue where LDAP parameters cause mapd_web_server to fail to start by allowing passing LDAP parameters enclosed in double quotes.

  • Pushdown simple predicates containing casts of TIMESTAMP and INTs into expression range and fragment skip calculations.

  • Fix issues with operand nullability for time comparisons.

  • Fix crash on outer cross join.

  • Add thrift and mapdql commands for get_hardware_info (missing in mapdql help).

  • Fix possibly nondeterministic result of left outer join.

  • Sink boolean expression in a projection to its reference in the condition.

  • Start distributed loads at random leaf to better balance over all nodes.

  • Allow export/import of Immerse dashboards with spaces in the name.

  • Change default pagesize from 1M to 2M, add version_num to table metadata.

  • Recognize and use shared encoding dictionary with IN subqueries, resulting in better performance when inner and outer query use the same dictionary.

  • Support DECIMAL and NUMERIC for load_table_binary_columnar; improve errors

  • Fix equi-join on dictionary-encoded columns without shared dictionaries.

  • Upgrade to JDBC 4.0.

  • Fix processing of spaces on JDBC inserts.

  • Return correct count of inserted rows in JDBC executeBatch.

  • Allow URL format in JDBC driver spec as jdbc:mapd://<hostname:port:db:protocol>.

  • Fix JDBC DatabaseMetaData to return MapD version, set JDBC driver version.

  • Fix conversion BOOLEAN to LONG for better Hive support in SQLImporter.

  • Fix handling of NULL doubles in SQLImporter.

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Multi-thread filling poly and aggregate query render giveing a 2-4x performance improvement.

  • Performance of line rendering has been improved by 25% - 50%

  • Performance of polygon rendering is significantly faster for large data sets

  • New command-line option “render-poly-cache-bytes” is added to MapDServer (default 300M).

  • Allow threshold scale to be used with symbol shape property in Vega render spec.


  • Rendering deals more gracefully with malformed polygons. If simple triangulation fails, a proxy geom will be used in its place. It will first try using a Ramer-Douglas-Peucker simplification algorithm, next will will try to generate a convex hull, and throw an error only if this also fails.

  • Addresses issue when the only difference between successive render_vega queries is a change between projection and aggregation.

  • Address issue where Rendering a poly table for the first time with a filtered query crashes server.

  • Mostly address GL_FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED error seen on some older Cuda drivers on Centos.

  • Fix issue when a multi-GPU non-accumulation render is followed by a single-GPU accumulation render.

  • Always cache non-in-situ renders for get_result_row_for_pixel hit testing.

MapD Immerse


  • Dashboards can reference multiple data sources.

  • Geo charts can incorporate multiple layers.

  • Dashboards can be configured to auto-refresh on a set time interval.

  • New menu items in Community Edition have been added under Help to request a trial license and manage trial license keys.

  • Four new Base Map Themes have been added: Odyssey, Vintage, Decimal, and North Star.

  • Shape selection now is allowed in point maps and scatterplot charts.

  • A new Top Level menu - Data Manager - has been added.


  • Immerse now allows highlighting and copying a field in a table chart without inadvertently applying a filter.

  • Text Widget can now save text on Internet Explorer 11.

3.3.1 - November 8, 2017

MapD Core


  • Add initialize file option to SQLImporter

  • Add thrift apis and mapdql comands for reporting on role/user privileges


  • Fix handling of NULL in loading doubles with SQLImporter

  • Add export/import dashboard commands to mapdql help

  • Fix precision for output of decimal to file

  • Fixed nulls first/last sorting for distributed

  • Rollback failed table copy from

  • Reduce checkpoints to once per load, locking table to limit to one concurrent update

  • Apply reverse distribution to logical arguments

  • Add optional error percentage argument to APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT

  • Move SQL importer to binary columnar format for better performance

  • Upgrade SQL parser to Calcite 1.14


  • Now requiring Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.8 or higher

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Fix to reduce GL_FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED when running older CUDA drivers on CentOS

  • Fix to render thread shutdown

  • Fix to error code on framebuffer error

  • Address mark property update issue when the only thing changing between render calls is sql and render property

  • Add multijoin and left deep inner join to table scan for rendering

MapD Immerse


  • Add nulls sort first/last to table sort


  • Fix for exception raised when switching from geoheatmap to other chart type

  • Fix to row and pie chart to set minimum number of groups to one instead of zero

  • Allow SQL editor to accept SQL statements starting using WITH table expression

3.3.0 - October 26, 2017

MapD Core


  • Improve support for left-deep joins to allow joins of large numbers of tables

  • Automatically reorder tables in a query by row count

  • Allow encoding dictionaries to be shared among multiple columns in the same table

  • Add new mapdql commands to export/import Immerse dashboard definitions

  • Remove the limit on the number of simultaneous connections


  • Allow object level privileges against multiple databases, still under trial flag

  • Throw an error if two operands of IN operator don’t have matching types

  • Allow empty IN operands

  • Add nested loop code to code generation

  • Initial pass at internal catalog functions for viewing object privileges

  • Fix jdbc to not ignore substitution parameter at the end of a query

  • Add at_most_n parameter to thrift sql_execute endpoint

  • Fix to join of a column against an expression

  • Fix for possible CPU heap corruption after memory starvation

  • Improve error messages on file operation failure

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Run all render commands on a dedicated thread, removing connection limit

  • Add line mark rendering type

MapD Immerse


  • Additional GTM tagging has been included

  • Improved error reporting on failure to load a dashboard

  • User logout moved to dropdown by navigation bar, count widget moved under dashboard header


  • In SQL Editor, fixed issue with scrolling

3.2.4 - October 6, 2017

MapD Core


  • Add Thrift call load_binary_table_arrow for Arrow columnar import


  • Fix loading of DECIMAL string with leading decimal point

  • Create object security tables if feature is enabled

  • Fix to checkpoint creation on epoch-based table rollback

  • Read fragment metadata in parallel

  • Parallelize cold start reload of string dictionary

  • Fix table rollback by epoch

  • Fix DECIMAL import for values between -1 and 0

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Support rendering of aggregate and projection queries for distributed configuration

  • Enable rendering where number of render GPU’s is less than query execution GPUs


  • Fix logging of rendering calls

MapD Immerse



  • Fixed an issue where a line chart filter could not be removed

  • Fixed an issue with old crossfilter instance preventing opening a new dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where exceptions/errors prevented histogram and line charts to reload

  • Fixed an issue with multi-series line chart filter icon not disappearing

  • Fixed an issue creating a numerical binned multi-series line chart

  • Fixed an issue where reverting edits on a line chart resulted in error

3.2.3 - September 22, 2017

MapD Core


  • Add support for object privileges, not enabled by default

  • Add Thrift call for load_table_binary_columnar

  • Update EULA text


  • Add basic lock protection for drop and truncate table

  • Fix potential incorrect result for filtered outer join queries

  • Fix to improve precision in decimal arithmetic

  • Optimize queries with combinations of equality and null

  • Fix possible crash on sort of empty result

  • Fix to bulk import related to decimal scale

  • Round when reducing decimal scale on import

  • Write temporary install files to temp directory

  • Save sample data sets to temp directory during install to reduce required privs

  • Fix to command line options while inserting sample data

  • Fix to limit pushdown with offset

  • Allow case insensitive boolean literals on import

  • Fix range checking for fixed width encoded strings

  • Fix possible segfault on outer non-equijoin on string

  • Fix for distributed query with grouped sort and offset

  • Fix for null handling in top k queries on a single-fragment table

  • Fix for self-join query

  • Fix for possible error on query with empty ranges of type double

  • Fix join on fixed encoding dictionary columns with nulls

  • Enable HA in build of MapD Enterprise Edition

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Fix for multi-layer rendering in distributed configurations

  • Improve support for ordinal scales when domain count exceeds range count

  • Fix for floating point issues with heat map hex binning

  • Fix for multi-layer rendering with 1 or more accumulation layers

MapD Immerse


  • Update EULA text

  • Added Google Tag Manager for product usage tracking

3.2.2 - September 9, 2017

MapD Core


  • Equi-joins between expressions and columns are now supported

  • Joins on time and date are now supported

  • Non-grouped projected top-k queries of form order by col limit n are now executed more efficiently

  • Performance improvement for grouped top-k queries on sharded tables


  • Fix for projection query with order by a float column not used in a filter

  • Fix for null pointer exception in PreparedStatement (

  • Fixes for conditions of potential arithmetic overflow

  • Fix for segfault on natural join, or join explicitly including rowid

  • Gracefully return exception on scalar subquery returning text

  • Fix for failure to execute join query against an empty table

  • Fix for failure to execute a query with parenthesis around ilike condition

  • Fix to enable some cases of reordering joined tables improve performance

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Symbols now work with multi-layer rendering

  • Add support for GPU rendering with EGL on IBM Power


  • Fix blend accumulator type mismatch bug

  • Issue resolved for potential crash with geo-heatmap render

  • Various vega symbol update issues

MapD Immerse


  • New chart type : Text Widget

  • Alias for custom measures and custom dimensions

  • Geo heatmap (available on single node only)


  • Range chart is now OFF by default

  • “Back to Dashboard” link is now aligned on browser resize

3.2.1 - August 25, 2017

MapD Core


  • allow group by floating point column, even if watchdog is enabled

  • allow one-to-many join on multiple columns


  • fix for overflow detection for fixed encoding dictionary entry creation

  • disallow multi-node export, for now

  • fix for subquery with a CASE statement inside a derived table returning a non-grouped column

  • explicitly disallow LIMIT 0

  • fix for query with sort on a dictionary encoded field containing null values

  • add progressive backoff to mapdql connect retries and limit retries

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • enable multi-sampling for smoother rendering


  • Use correct cuda context index during EGL compositing

  • Fixing active gl context bug during distributed rendering

MapD Immerse


  • Allow switching between donut and pie chart styles for pie chart

  • Top level Help has one new menu item for Immerse tutorials

  • Declining EULA in community edition disconnects user

  • Default aggregation on time unit measures is MAX


  • Fixed spinner on incorrect custom dimension expression

  • Fix for switching series dimension in a line chart or histogram to reflect new dimension

  • Number chart no longer exposes show range chart toggle

  • Fixed isue with histogram range bar width

  • Multi-series range chart colors are no longer reset when range chart is toggled off/on

3.2.0 - August 17, 2017

MapD Core


  • Tables now can be sharded by a numeric or dictionary encoded column

  • Dictionaries for encoded columns can be shared across multiple tables

  • Multi-column join is allowed provided combination of columns yields a unique join key

  • Tables can be joined on columns of type BIGINT, provided the column yields a unique join key

  • Join now allows the one-to-many case, with uniqueness in the outer table

  • TRUNCATE TABLE command is now supported

  • MapD startup has an optional parameter for maximum error for APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT

  • Data import via COPY now reports on specific location of bad data

  • COPY TO now supports relative path names

  • MapD Server now defaults to ignore divide by zero


  • Max string length of 32767 is now enforced

  • Trailing semicolon is automatically removed from SQL or SQL inside a view

  • Incorrect result fixed for selecting with a filter from a join view

  • Incorrect result fixed with LEFT JOIN resulting in a cross join

  • Fix issue with precision of APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT when running on CPU

  • Fix issue with join on empty inner table

  • Fix issue with database.table syntax

  • Fix for possible race condition in distributed queries causing query hang

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Improved anti-aliasing using multi-sampling, most noticable stroking polys or symbols < 2 pixels wide

  • Allow dictionary-encoded string columns from geo polygon tables to be used as domains in ordinal scales

  • Added set of new extension functions as helpers for hexagonal headmap binning and rendering

  • Symbols now can be used in accumulation rendering


  • Symbols that are both filled and stroked now render in the appropriate oder

  • Fix issue when using values from a dictionary encoded string column in an ordinal scale when rendering a GROUP BY query

  • Fix for crash when trying to render a GROUP BY query also sorted with ORDER BY

MapD Immerse


  • Top level Help has one additional menu item that displays core version, immerse version and whether backend rendering is enabled.

  • Dimension lock axes on histogram and line charts.

  • Range charts for histograms

  • Stacked histogram charts


  • Issue with line chart date fields don’t reflect filter dates after clearing filter

  • Issue where brushing on initialized chart (Range/Line/Histogram) will extend brush filter beyond what is selected

  • Issue where multiple range charts and focus charts created when changing chart type

  • Issue where range chart with multi-series changes color of range chart when brushing range

  • Issue with Time entry box for line chart not applying time filter

  • Bug where Line chart does not cancel changes when switching from binning to extract and clicking cancel

  • Multi-series line chart loses color when going to and from SQL editor

  • Uncaught TypeError - Cannot read property ‘dimensions’ of undefined when creating a line chart

3.1.3 - July 27, 2017

MapD Core


  • Improved support for INTERVAL data type, and added functions for TIMESTAMPADD, TIMESTAMPDIFF, DATEADD, DATEDIFF and DATEPART. For example the following two queries can now be run, which would give equivalent results:

SELECT TIMESTAMP '2016-02-28 1:23:45' + INTERVAL '24' HOUR


  • NULL now does not match other values (e.g. another NULL) in hash joins

  • Crash in cpu mode when a hash join inner table column is all NULLs

  • Crash when LIKE or REGEXP_LIKE pattern is not a literal

  • Problem with loading through aggregator in multi-node setups when table contains non-encoded strings or arrays

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Bug when using dict-encoded string column as color when rendering a GROUP BY query

  • Crash when using a heatmap query with a LIMIT

MapD Immerse


  • SQL Editor Reference panel for tables and columns


  • Issue with Number chart not removing old charts when changing aggregation type

3.1.2 - July 19, 2017

MapD Core


  • Division by zero behavior is now configurable via flag null-div-by-zero. New installs using systemd will default to true in their config files, meaning that division by zero returns null; existing installs will default to false, preserving the existing behavior of throwing a division by zero exception.

  • round_to_digit(x,y) function now supported. Rounds x to y digits.

  • Dictionary encoded columns may now be specified for the sql_execute_gpudf endpoint

  • Fast versions of statistics functions are now available. Note that these functions might overflow; use single precision float instead of double precision. STDDEV_FLOAT, STDDEV_POP_FLOAT, STDDEV_SAMP_FLOAT, VARIANCE_FLOAT, VAR_POP_FLOAT, VAR_SAMP_FLOAT, CORRELATION_FLOAT, CORR_FLOAT, COVAR_POP_FLOAT, COVAR_SAMP_FLOAT

  • Avoid overflows for most literal arithmetic expressions


  • Crash with certain join queries when inner table is empty

  • Incorrect results on order by non-encoded string with filter applied on that column

  • Incorrect detection of overflow when multiplying decimals with negative numbers

  • Dictionary folders are now dropped in multi-node setups when tables are dropped

  • SUM and AVG overflows for tables with more than 4B rows

  • Crash on grouped COUNT(DISTINCT) in multi-node setups

  • Crash on join query when column contains all nulls

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Vega API now supports ability to render non-projection ( GROUP BY ) queries

  • Added new ExtensionFunction rect_pixel_bin as a helper for rectangular heatmap binning

  • New symbol vega mark type. Supports circle, square, diamond, cross, triangles, and hexagons

  • Added support for a new percent accumulation type, which allows a region to be colored based on one category’s percent of all results at that location.


  • Fix vega update issue when mark property references new data and nothing else changes.

MapD Immerse


  • Added Custom SQL Dimension feature, allowing SQL to be used to form dimensions

  • STDDEV now available in UI as an aggregate type

  • Immerse now displays End User License Agreement when product is accessed for first time from Community Edition


  • Issue with pointmap and scatterplot charts, where chart image is larger than the chart widget size

  • Issue with widgets shifting on dashboard after changing browser window size then restoring to original size

  • Issue when using custom measure on Scatterplot chart

  • Values between -1 and 1 now display in a typical decimal format rather than with “m” abbreviation

  • Incorrect behavior for points auto-sizing and manual sizing (pointmap and scatterplot)

3.1.1 - June 26, 2017

MapD Core


  • Multi-column hash joins now work provided the dimension table has unique composite keys

  • Loop join is now automatically allowed for inner tables with up to 1,000 rows

  • Improved performance for LIKE/ILIKE operations on dictionary-encoded columns

  • Improved performance for COUNT(DISTINCT) and APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT for low cardinalities

  • Enhanced SQLimporter compatibility and performance with PostgreSQL

  • StreamInserter now offers —-quoted flag which, when set to true, removes any double-quotes in the output


  • Due to an issue with the current release of glibc on many operating systems, we have moved away from a JNI interface to Calcite to avoid segfaults

  • Better support for batch JDBC insert (statements are no longer case sensitive)

  • Fix for possible race condition when using popups on a rendered chart in a distributed system

  • Import improvements around column detection and reject row summary

  • Improved error messages around user management commands

  • Eliminated overflow when comparing integers with high-precision decimals

  • Now recording rejected rows properly in case of Overflow

  • Now dropping string dictionaries for DROP TABLE in distributed case

  • Issue with AVG(float) when number of records is >2B

MapD Core Rendering Engine

  • No notes this release

MapD Immerse


  • Chart y-axis height can now be capped using a control on the axis, for example to exclude outliers from view. Data is not filtered from the dataset, but merely excluded from view.

  • X and Y axes for dc charts can now have their labels edited, allowing for friendly names

  • SQL editor beta now offers a command-line style interface with query history


  • No longer incorrectly showing non-encoded strings as available Dimension columns - June 22, 2017

This point release addresses an issue introduced in recent version of glibc. JNI fails with a segfault after the operating system had been updated. This release fixes that issue by removing the JNI usage.

3.1.0 - June 15, 2017

MapD Core for single-node usage has been open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license ( Code available at . EULA at

MapD Core


  • Initial API support for GOAI consortium ( New Thrift API endpoint (sql_execute_gpudf) creates a query resultset on the GPU in Arrow format and returns a handle. Other GPU kernels can work directly on the data via the returned handle, reducing the data movement normally associated with staged operations.

  • Improved initial GPU memory load times by more fully utilizing available PCIE bandwidth

  • Now supporting COVAR_POP, COVAR_SAMP, CORR

  • Performance for certain complex subqueries, for large IN subqueries for multi-node environments, and for MIN on a nullable float or int

  • Float performance improvement on AVG/SUM/MIN/MAX aggregates

  • Multi-way JOIN queries now use memory more efficiently


  • Issue where sorting GROUP BY and AVG through view of a JOIN query returns results in non-sorted order

  • Problem where in some cases --allow-cpu-retry flag would not fall back to CPU

  • Now correctly returning list of columns for views

  • Crash on CREATE TABLE AS SELECT when SELECT statement returns no rows

  • Incorrect results when doing MAX on a float in some cases

  • Issue with accuracy of results with drawn polygon filters

  • AVG and SUM on float now supported on Kepler GPUs

  • Allow execution on GPUs for queries larger than can fit in GPU memory when --enable-watchdog flag is set to false

  • Further overflow detection for decimal type

  • Improved precision of numeric on initial load

  • Reduce data transfer to GPU memory when not required

  • COUNT(DISTINCT) on all NULL now returns correct (empty) result

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Default rendering now done through EGL. No longer dependent on Xorg

  • Multi-layered points/polygons can now be rendered in multi-node environments

  • Now using blosc/zstd compression for passing image data between nodes

  • Accumulation rendering now supported in multi-node environments


  • Incorrect darkening of color for images with transparent colors composited on multiple GPUs/nodes

  • Issue with re-initializing counts for accumulation rendering when rendering a new frame

  • Issue with layers incorrectly persisting from one frame to another when number of layers changes from frame to frame

  • Problem with EGL compositing in multi-node environments

  • Error on accumulation rendering when using POW scale

  • Errors with removal of polygons from cache

  • Bugs when rendering polygons against empty query results

  • Issue when coloring by dictionary encoded string when string is in inner table of a joined query

  • Accumulation rendering crash when data from query doesn’t span the compositor’s gpu

  • Now not throwing error when fill/stroke is turned off between successive render frames

  • Fixed shader compile issue when updating the data reference for a packed color vega property

MapD Immerse


  • Pointmap basemap themes can now be changed

  • Raster charts can now render with a density color gradient (represents the number of points stacked at each pixel)

  • Chart axis labels can now be edited


  • Various issues with the scatter chart

3.0.0 - April 26, 2017

  • This version introduces a change in the Thrift API which breaks compatibility between 3.0 servers/clients and older servers/clients. Users with custom Thrift clients will need to re-run Thrift to generate the update client libraries.

  • The deprecated v.1 Immerse is no longer available as of this release. Attempts to access v.1 dashboard links will lead to a 404 message.

  • To use MapD Core Rendering Engine, CentOS and Redhat users must upgrade to CUDA driver version 375.51 or later.

  • The --disable-rendering flag has been changed to be --rendering=false

MapD Core


  • Native distributed scale-out capability, allowing deployment of the MapD Core database across a cluster of GPU machines

  • Native ODBC support, enabling MapD Core to be connected to 3rd party clients


  • Support for more groups in multi-column GROUP BY queries (40m - 60m groups)

  • Up to 10x performance improvement for IN subqueries with many values. Additional small performance improvement for IN queries with at most 3 values.

  • Ability to have 3+ way JOIN on a conjunction of equality expressions when each of them is one-to-one

  • Now offering ability to specify commonly used columns to be loaded from disk at database startup time

  • Supporting HH:MM time format for file import


  • Issue where HAVING IS NOT NULL wasn’t applied to date extraction/truncation expressions

  • Issue with 3-way JOIN using star schema

  • Fix import correctness issues when rows are rejected

  • Issue where non-grouped queries returned incorrect number instead of NULL when no rows match for MAX / MIN aggregates

  • Issue with potential corruption during overlapping parallel loads to single table

  • Issue where column metadata for VIEW/s would show the term “Explanation” instead of proper metadata

MapD Core Rendering Engine


  • Rendering now uses EGL instead of GLX, removing the Xorg requirement


  • Crash when rendering JOIN queries

MapD Immerse


  • Dimension axis now dynamically updates during cross-filtering to maintain fine granularity as data ranges get smaller


  • Issue with Line/Histogram chart where brushing range would extend filter beyond what is selected

  • Chart spinners, used to indicate network wait time, are now less intrusive and appear/disappear more quickly

  • Restricting arrays from being selectable as dimensions/measures when not available, and visually indicating them more clearly

  • Certain problems with handling NULL

  • Certain problems with shape selector tools

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