This is a recipe to permanently remove HEAVY.AI Software, services, and data from your system.

Uninstalling HEAVY.AI from Docker

To uninstall HEAVY.AI in Docker, stop and delete the current Docker container.

In a terminal window, get the Docker container ID:

sudo docker container ps --format "{{.Id}} {{.Image}}" \
-f status=running | grep heavyai\/

You should see an output similar to the following. The first entry is the container ID. In this example, it is 9e01e520c30c:

9e01e520c30c omnisci/omnisci-ee-gpu

To see all containers, both running and stopped, use the following command:

sudo docker container ps -a

Stop the HEAVY.AI Docker container. For example:

sudo docker container stop 9e01e520c30c

Remove the HEAVY.AI Docker container to save disk space. For example:

sudo docker container rm 9e01e520c30c

Uninstalling HEAVY.AI on Redhat and Ubuntu

To uninstall an existing system installed with Yum, Apt, or Tarball connect using the user that runs the platform, typically heavyai.

Disable and stop all HEAVY.AI services.

sudo systemctl disable heavy_web_server --now
sudo systemctl disable heavydb --now

Remove the HEAVY.AI Installation files. (the $HEAVYAI_PATH defaults to /opt/heavyai)

sudo yum remove heavyai.x86_64

Delete the configuration files and the storage removing the $HEAVYAI_BASE directory. (defaults to /var/lib/heavyai)

sudo rm  -r $HEAVYAI_BASE

Remove permanently the configuration of the services.

sudo rm /lib/systemd/heavydb*.service
sudo rm /lib/systemd/heavy_web_server*.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl reset-failed

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