Free Version

HEAVY.AI Free is a full-featured version of the HEAVY.AI platform available at no cost for non-hosted commercial use.

To get started with HEAVY.AI Free:

  1. Go to the Get Started with HEAVY.AI, and in the HEAVY.AI Free section, click Get Free License.

  2. On the Get HEAVY.AI Free page, enter your email address and click I Agree.

  3. Open the HEAVY.AI Free Edition Activation Link email that you receive from HEAVY.AI, and click Click Here to view and download the free edition license. You will need this license to run HEAVY.AI after you install it. A copy of the license is also sent to your email.

  4. In the What's Next section, click See Install Options to select the best version of HEAVY.AI for your hardware and software configuration. Follow the instructions for the download or cloud version you choose.

  5. Install HEAVY.AI, using the instructions for your platform.

  6. Verify that OmniSci is working correctly by following the instructions in the Checkpoint section at the end of the installation instructions. For example, the Checkpoint instructions for the CentOS CPU with Tarball installation is here.

Add Users

You can create additional HEAVY.AI users to collaborate with.

  1. Connect to Immerse using a web browser connected to your host machine on port 6273. For example,

  2. Open the SQL Editor.

  3. Use the CREATE USER command to create a new user. For information on syntax and options, see CREATE USER.

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