Loading Data

You can load data using SQL commands and other utilities in HeavyDB, or load delimited files in Heavy Immerse.

Loading Data with HeavyDB Utilities

For more examples of loading data to HeavyDB, see Loading Data with SQL.

Loading Data with Heavy Immerse

You can load a CSV or TSV file directly into a table in Heavy Immerse. HEAVY.AI supports Latin-1 ASCII format and UTF-8. If you want to load data with another encoding (for example, UTF-16), convert the data to UTF-8 before loading it to HEAVY.AI.

Loading Data with Apache Kafka

You can load data files into HeavyDB using Apache Kafka from the command line. See Inserting Data Using Kafka.

Streaming Data with Apache Kafka

You can stream data from an application directly to the HeavyDB using Apache Kafka. See Creating a Kafka Click-through Application.

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